HSM publishes names of 17 guerrillas killed by Turkish chemical weapons

The People's Defense Centre (HSM) published the names of 17 guerrillas killed in Turkey’s chemical weapons attacks and accuses the international community of being responsible for the expansion of Turkey's chemical weapons operations.

The People's Defense Centre (HSM) Headquarters Command published the names of 17 guerrillas who were killed at different times in Turkish chemical weapons attacks in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The statement published by HSM Headquarters Command on Tuesday includes the following:

"The Turkish special war regime under the leadership of the AKP/MHP government is disregarding the international law of war in its invasion of South Kurdistan. It is committing the most terrible state terrorism against our people, against innocent people and civilians and all forces fighting for freedom. The regime used and continues to use internationally outlawed bombs and chemical weapons and poison gas in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna areas. This attack began in February 2021 in Gare/Siyanê. In the areas of Siyanê in Gare, Zendûra in Metîna, Mamreşo in Avaşîn, Girê Sor, Aris Faris, Girê Kartal and Werxelê, the Turkish army carried out 367 attacks with internationally outlawed explosive and chemical weapons in 2021, killing 46 of our comrades. Although the Turkish state's violations of international law and offences against humanity fall within the scope of war crimes, the relevant international institutions have turned a blind eye and continue to do so. The Turkish state is committing all kinds of crimes against humanity against our guerrilla forces who are exercising their right to legitimate self-defence within the framework of the legitimate, humanitarian and democratic rights of the Kurdish people. These attacks are carried out with the support of NATO. Encouraged by the benevolent silence of the international organisations, the AKP/MHP regime has developed a new concept for the invasion of South Kurdistan for the year 2022. This concept is completely based on the use of banned bombs and chemical weapons.

Although the Turkish army has used banned bombs and chemical weapons sporadically at various places and times in the past, this practice became systematic in 2021 and especially in 2022. During the six-month war between 14 April and 14 October 2022, the Turkish army used banned bombs and chemical weapons 2467 times. The identities of 27 comrades killed in these attacks have already been revealed in previous statements. Recently, 17 more of our commanders and companions have been killed by the same weapons.


The delegations that came to the region to investigate and analyse the use of prohibited weapons were prevented from doing so by the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) forces that control the region. One of these delegations travelled as far as the town of Amêdî, five kilometres from where these weapons were used, but was not allowed to investigate. However, under the most difficult war conditions and bombardments, our forces presented many documents and images proving the war crimes of the Turkish army to the public. However, these documents are only fragmentary. Nevertheless, the democratic public was not attentive and sensitive enough, and the relevant institutions did not speak out and did not raise a strong objection. The AKP/MHP special war government has drawn strength from this and is using banned bombs and chemical weapons far more intensively, especially in the last few months. This is because it is unable to achieve results in the war against the guerrillas and is stuck.


In addition to gases of varying toxicity, the Turkish army has been shown to have used various types of banned bombs. The Turkish army uses tactical nuclear weapons in combination with poison gas to destroy tunnel systems and contaminate narrow areas. These bombs are not nuclear weapons that emit radiation over a large area, but banned explosive devices that unleash their destructive power by releasing high pressure and heat, killing in a narrow area. Thermobaric bombs and phosphorus bombs also have similar properties when used. If the investigation delegations are not prevented from travelling to the battlefield and security is provided, it will be found that the Turkish state has used banned weapons. As the People's Defense Forces, we clearly state that we will support all delegations that come with this aim within our means.

In the last few days, nine of our comrades were killed in the Şikefta Birîndara area in the Zap region, five in the Karker area and three in the Werxelê area in Avaşîn in the attacks with banned bombs and chemical weapons. Among these friends is comrade Baz (Mehmet Can Evren). His death had already been announced, but the reason for his death had been presented differently, as a precaution, so as not to show that the weapon used by the enemy was effective.

The Turkish army continues to commit these war crimes in the areas of Şikefta Birîndara, Karker, Werxelê, Girê Hakkarî, Girê FM, Girê Cûdî, Girê Amediyê and the villages of Sîda and Çemço, where resistance continues. It is also evident that the AKP/MHP regime and the Turkish army will commit more of these cruel crimes if there is no deterrent response.

Our appeal to all concerned forces!

The people of Kurdistan are one of the ancient peoples in this region. Nothing can be more legitimate than the right to defend themselves, to live freely and with their own culture on this land. Do not continue to support this racist and genocidal policy of the Turkish state against our people and its forces of freedom. Do not participate in this inhuman crime! Do not encourage the fascist Erdoğan-Bahçeli regime to commit new massacres. This regime tramples on the evolving values of our time and commits serious crimes against humanity, such as the use of chemical weapons. Do not be complicit in this.

Our appeal to all democratic forces!

We call on all international organisations, all international democratic forces, all non-governmental organisations and human rights activists, especially the United Nations, which has always turned a deaf ear to the cries of the Kurdish people, to take a stand and stop the violations of international law and international law of war by the Turkish state.

Our appeal to the peoples of Kurdistan and the democratic forces of the region!

The AKP/MHP regime is using chemical weapons against the forces that are fighting for the freedom of the Kurdish people, for a democratic future, and who are full of sacrifice in a revolutionary anti-fascist resistance. The Kurdish people must not remain silent about these chemical weapons attacks. The Kurdish people and all peoples of the region must use their social power everywhere and show the necessary reaction. The democratic-patriotic institutions in Kurdistan, the youth, the women and all labourers, as well as all democratic forces in Turkey and the region must take their responsibility.

Especially for our people abroad and all our friends who stand for freedom and democracy, it is a democratic task and an expression of revolutionary solidarity to publicly expose the ignorant attitude of the states and all relevant international organisations that close their eyes to the crimes of the fascist AKP/MHP regime for their dirty interests. Your responsibility is to carry out effective mass actions for this purpose.

We call on all national and international democratic organisations and human rights activists to take action against these crimes of the century committed by the colonialist Turkish regime in violation of all national and international laws. We call on all humanitarian groups to protect the international laws that are binding on all and to carry out their humanitarian, moral and conscientious duties against these inhumane practices that are being used to suppress the struggle of our people for their legitimate demands and natural rights.

All should know that the guerrilla fighting for freedom and democracy in Kurdistan on the line of Apoism within the right of legitimate self-defence, resisting all methods of the genocidal Turkish state with creative tactics and great determination, will bury this state structure with its reactionary genocidal attitude and all its dirt on the rubbish heap of history. The legitimate struggle of our people in the face of history, the determination, the creative talent, the great courage, the democratic line based on women's freedom and the support of our people are the main source of strength for this. We declare that we are sure that this source of strength will definitely lead our struggle to success on the basis of democratic modernity on behalf of our people and the peoples of the region. We remember with respect and gratitude all our martyrs, especially our comrades, who were martyred with these banned weapons, and we offer our condolences to their cherished families and to our patriotic Kurdish people."

HSM announced the following ID information of the fallen guerrillas:

Nom de Guerre: Rûbar Karker
First-Last Name: Muhammed Dodkanîmîlan
Bithplace: Xoy
Mother's-Father's Name: Safiye – Nasır
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Cîger Malazgîrt
First-Last Name: Alican Derici
Bithplace: Mûş
Mother's-Father's Name: Kameriye – Haydar
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Helbest Koçerîn
First-Last Name: Kevser Ete
Bithplace: Sêrt (Siirt)
Mother's-Father's Name: Leyla – Ahmet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 2022 / Avaşîn


Nom de Guerre: Baz Mordem
First-Last Name: Mehmet Can Evren
Bithplace: Amed (Diyarbakır)
Mother's-Father's Name: Sultan – Mehmet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 4 August 2022 / Avaşîn


Nom de Guerre: Mava Roj
First-Last Name: Yekta Büşra Boz
Bithplace: Mûş
Mother's-Father's Name: Müslime – İbrahim
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Sedat Demhat
First-Last Name: Ferhat Güneş
Bithplace: Mêrdîn (Mardin)
Mother's-Father's Name: Çiğdem – Kahraman
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Delal Şoreş
First-Last Name: Peyam Abdullah
Bithplace: Silêmanî (Sulaymaniyah)
Mother's-Father's Name: Emine – Hüseyin
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Demhat Têkoşîn
First-Last Name: Bahadîn Ahmet
Bithplace: Kobanê
Mother's-Father's Name: Xalise – Dreeiy
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 2022 / Avaşîn


Nom de Guerre: Demhat Cizîr
First-Last Name: Ali Darga
Bithplace: Şirnex (Şırnak)
Mother's-Father's Name: Katibe – Aziz
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Zinarîn Cûdî
First-Last Name: Gurbet Oran
Bithplace: Şirnex (Şırnak)
Mother's-Father's Name: Halime – Ömer
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Rêber Kobanê
First-Last Name: Amed Alî
Bithplace: Kobanê
Mother's-Father's Name: Xanim – Nebu
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Ruksen Zagros
First-Last Name: Newroz Tahir
Bithplace: Qamişlo
Mother's-Father's Name: Vesfiya – Muhammed Tahir
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Xemgîn Cizîr
First-Last Name: Yahya Şen
Bithplace: Şirnex (Şırnak)
Mother's-Father's Name: Leyla – Murat
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Rêber Roboskî
First-Last Name: Mehdi Babat
Bithplace: Wan (Van)
Mother's-Father's Name: Hüsna – Yasin
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Serdem Agirî
First-Last Name: Osman Abdî
Bithplace: Qamişlo
Mother's-Father's Name: Hamdiye – Qamişlo
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Mazlum Nisêbîn
First-Last Name: Abdurrahim Uzun
Bithplace: Mêrdîn (Mardin)
Mother's-Father's Name: Atiye – Ahmet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap


Nom de Guerre: Erdal Besta
First-Last Name: Muhammed Xelîl
Bithplace: Kobanê
Mother's-Father's Name: Emine – Arif
Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 2022 / Zap