‘Iraqi government buries its head in the sand in the face of Turkish attacks’

“The most important plan of the KDP with regard to the invasion attacks of the Turkish state is to somehow defeat the PKK,” said Iraqi policy expert Kasin Al-Xerawi.

Iraqi policy expert Kasin Al-Xerawi spoke to Rojnews about the Turkish state's increasing attacks on South Kurdistan and Iraqi territories and the silence of the Iraqi government.

'Iraq and Kurdistan ignore Turkish attacks'

Addressing the silence of the Kurdistan Regional government and the Iraqi central government about the Turkish attacks, Al Xerawî said, “The governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region ignore the attacks carried out by the Turkish state on Iraq and South Kurdistan lands and prefer to remain silent. Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has failed to express the expected reaction to the attacks until now.”

'Attacks are part of a secret agreement'

Al Xerawî pointed out that the Turkish attacks were not spontaneous; “I do not believe that these attacks developed spontaneously or despite Iraqi opposition. It is very likely that a secret agreement has been made. Furthermore, it is seen that the South Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi Federal Government have given the green light to the Turkish state to implement their dirty plans. If not so, what are more than 80 Turkish military bases doing in South Kurdistan and Iraq?”

'Statements about the attacks are embarrassing'

“The official statements of South Kurdistan and Iraq concerning the Turkish attacks are shameful. This indicates that they are weak against the Turkish state and therefore cannot raise their voice or an agreement has been made between them. There is no third possibility. We have witnessed this situation recently,” Al Xerawî said.

'Erdogan's allies cannot oppose his attacks'

Al Xerawî recalled that officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government have visited Ankara several times recently. “According to me, the most important plan of the KDP with regard to the invasion attacks of the Turkish state is to somehow defeat the PKK. The KDP is striving for it. For this reason, the Kurdistan Regional Government has opened all its doors to the Turkish forces. This is the main reason to strike a gas deal with the Turkish state. Kadhimi's government and Iraqi parliament speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi are fearful and have no solution to offer. The Iraqi president is not doing his part, nor is he acting courageously,” Al Xerawî concluded.