Journalists from Kurdistan appeal to the world for Rojava

Kurdish journalists call for international action to stop the Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria.

Dozens of journalists from Kurdistan appealed to peoples of the world, heads of states and governments, members of parliaments to take immediate action against the Turkish incursion into northern Syria which is marked by grave war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“Dear Madam or Sir,

On October 9, the Turkish army together with jihadist forces launched a brutal and destructive attack on North-East Syria, where peoples lead a peaceful co-existence.

This attack is first of all aimed at the Kurdish, Armenian and Assyrian peoples. The aim of the Turkish army and jihadist groups is to commit a genocide. So far, hundreds of civilians have lost their lives in the Turkish attacks. Hundreds of thousands of people had to emigrate. More than 200 SDF fighters, who were the US and the international coalition allies in the struggle against ISIS, have lost their lives.

Independent observers say the Turkish army uses phosphorus bombs, which are banned by international conventions.

Three journalist friends, Seed Ehmed, Mihemmed Hisen Reşo and Dilan Ölmez, died in the Turkish attacks. Ambulances of the Kurdish Red Crescent Heyva Sor a Kurdistan, which wanted to save civilians, were targeted.

Because of the Turkish attacks, ISIS, the global army of killers, which was wiped out by the SDF, YPG and YPJ forces with the support of the US and the international coalition, has started to revive.

The Turkish army equipped with US and NATO military equipment has been attacking by air and by land for days. The US has withdrawn from the region and has opened up a field for this brutal attack. Keeping the airspace of North-East Syria open, has paved the way for the Turkish army to bomb Kurdish cities and villages and massacre the people.

The US has responsibilities in the Turkish attack. This dangerous policy of the US that will lead to a genocide of the Kurds is followed with astonishment and met with reaction by the American people, the world public opinion and coalition partners. Allowing Turks to slaughter the Kurds is a shame for the US, Western Coalition forces and humanity.

We demand that you take on a duty mission to stop the Turkish attack by;

- closing Northeast Syrian airspace to all military warplanes,

- taking action together with the UN and NATO to withdraw the Turkish army and its jihadist gangs from the occupied territories,

- officially recognizing the Autonomous government,

- taking steps to include the Kurds in the peace process for Syria.