KCK calls for action everywhere for East Kurdistan

KCK said hundreds of people died and tens of thousands of families suffered damages in the floods in Iran and Rojhilat, adding: “The Kurdish people have the awareness for solidarity, this spirit should activate everywhere for our people in Rojhilat."

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a statement on the floods in Iran and Rojhilate (Eastern) Kurdistan.

KCK said: “Hundreds of people have lost their lives and tens of thousands of families have suffered damages to their homes, gardens, fields and businesses in the floods in Rojhilate Kurdistan and Iran. We offer our condolences to the families of people who lost their lives in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran, may the deceased rest in peace.”

“Such natural disasters require solidarity in societies. The most important value of social life is the solidarity in such situations,” said the statement and continued: “Kurds, as a people of the lands the human race first formed societies in, have always had strong solidarity. They have survived to this day through solidarity in the face of such disasters and outside pressures. This solidarity will be shown for this flooding disaster in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan as well. Kurds and neighboring peoples will use all their resources to stand by the victims of the floods.


Solidarity is the most meaningful social value. Being a people, being a nation, requires the utmost level of solidarity. Those who have weak solidarity cannot be a people or a nation. They can’t gain a free and democratic life either. In this sense, Eastern Kurdistan and all Iranian peoples should show solidarity at the utmost level. The fundamental agenda and effort for the current situation should be this show of solidarity. The people should show solidarity, without expectation from the state. Expecting everything to be done by the state is wrong. States are organs that represent the interests of a minority, not the whole society.


Expecting something from the state weakens and diminishes solidarity. This is the biggest shortcoming for societies. Considering the constant occurrence of such disasters in Kurdistan, a need emerges to strengthen social solidarity. This can be possible through the organized democratic society. Such disasters push forth a necessity to organize, and should be used as excuses to develop further organization.


When it comes to the Kurdistan reality, our people in other parts and abroad should show solidarity in face of such disasters. The existence of borders should not weaken nor prevent the display of such solidarity. Especially regions and cities close to the disaster area should take active responsibility. The Kurdish diaspora should also show immediate solidarity in such situations. The Kurdish people have the awareness for solidarity, this spirit of solidarity should activate everywhere for our people in Eastern Kurdistan.

We expect the Iranian state to facilitate the Kurdish people at times of such disaster in their efforts for solidarity, and not stop the aid coming from outside of Iran. The approach to such disasters is critical in strengthening fraternity between peoples. As such, all aid for the peoples of Iran and the Kurdish people who suffered damages in the floods should be ensured to reach the destination.

As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we always stand by our people at times of disaster. We will continue to be so for our people in Eastern Kurdistan can mend their wounds and our people in all four parts can offer support.

We state once again that we believe our people can mend their wounds in solidarity, and offer our good wishes to all our people who suffered damages.”