KDP recruits agents in Rojava

Statements by detained agents of the South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP prove that the KDP government is building up a network of agents in Rojava with the goal of destabilizing the region.

South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP is working with the Turkish regime at all levels to destroy the Kurdish democracy project in Rojava and install itself as governor of Turkey in the region. Agents of the KDP, who are responsible for attacks in the region similar to MIT terror cells, are repeatedly exposed. The agents work for Parastin, the secret service of the KDP and have the task of spying on commanders, leaders and military institutions and spreading anti-propaganda against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and autonomous administration among the population. According to data from the security authorities, the activities of these agents are coordinated from Hewlêr (Erbil) in cooperation between Parastin and MIT.

Similar to MIT, Parastin recruits agents with blackmail and money. This is proven by the statements of arrested agents. In talks with the ANHA news agency, the arrested KDP agents I.E.O. (46), M.H. D. (28) and F.E.X. disclose the Parastine's activities in the region.

I.E.O. comes from the village Girê Mir near Dirbesîyê and has one child. He fought from 2011 to 2019 in the ranks of the YPG and the SDF. He has admitted his activity as an agent for the KDP. He met for the first time in November 2019 with representatives of the Parastin through the mediation of his sister-in-law Ş.A. He stated that they had recruited him as an agent because he was a fighter for the SDF and knew the region well.

Information about positions of the Coalition, Syria and Russia requested

According to I.E.O. the Parastin agent introduced himself to him as Rustem. However, I.E.O. claims that the person's name is actually S.D. and that he is responsible for all agent activities in the city of Duhok. Another agent named Simko demanded detailed information from him. I.E.O. tells: "They wanted to have information about how far the invasion attacks on Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî have progressed, about the strength of the SDF in the region, about heavy weapons, why there are no heavy weapons at the front, why military vehicles are withdrawing from the border, where the tunnels are, which fighters and commanders are in the headquarters, the military positions of the coalition troops, the number of troops in these places, the places where Russian and Syrian troops are stationed. They asked about the whereabouts and names of the SDF commanders and asked if I could get information about the heavy weapons positions at Mount Kezwan.

"They wanted me to recruit more agents"

The agents demanded that I.E.O. recruit more agents. He testified that he had recruited a driver for SDF commanders for money as well as two other young SDF fighters and had set up a cell.

"I passed on information for money"

The driver was M.H.D. from Rajo district of Afrin. He also fought in the ranks of the SDF and YPG since 2011 and went to Ain Issa after the Afrin war. M.H.D. met I.E. there at headquarters and after a short time accepted the job for the KDP offered in exchange for money payments. M.H.D. admits to having worked with I.E.O. as a KDP agent for three to four months: "I gave him the names of those responsible for the Kobanê, Tabqa, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor areas. In the following time he called me and asked me if I had any further information. I said that I could give him more things. I sent him pictures of data carriers with organizational data. I.E.O. promised me $5,000 if I could get him the data. I told him I would get it if I got the money first."

The information that I.E.O. received and collected included pictures of SDF fighters and their commanders, information about the meetings of the area leadership and logistics, the March 8 celebrations in Tabqa, the names of the SDF area commanders, the meetings between SDF and coalition forces. I.E.O. forwarded this information to the KDP.

I regret my betrayal

I.E.O. concludes with the words: "I know that I have betrayed my people through my agent activities. I regret that I have betrayed my brother and my cousins and associates who are taking part in the struggle for freedom".