KNK visits PUK for national unity workshop

As a part of preparations to organize a national unity workshop in Southern Kurdistan, a delegation from KNK visited the PUK.

Kurdish National Congress (KNK), preparing to hold a national unity workshop in Southern Kurdistan on January 27-28, visited the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

The committee made up of KNK Deputy Co-chair Farûq Cemîl and KNK members Şukrillah Emîn, Mela Hesen, Müjde Ebas and Ferhad Dostkî were greeted by PUK Politbureau members Mela Bextiyar and Hekim Qadir Hemecen.

The meeting started at 11.00 in the PUK Politbureau Center and lasted one and a half hours. PUK Politbureau member Hekim Qadir Hemecan spoke to the press after the meeting and thanked the KNK for their efforts for national unity, and said: “We will try our best to offer support on this matter. Our efforts to participate in this workshop with a project will continue.”

Over 60 political parties and 100 NGOs and movements from 4 parts of Kurdistan had participated in the national unity workshop the KNK held in July 2017. In that meeting, a decision had been made to hold workshops for 4 parts of Kurdistan and later to convene for a national congress.

To this extent, workshops have already been held for Kurds and Kurdistanis in Rojava, Rojhilat and abroad to date.