Live broadcast suicide protesting Southern Kurdistan government

Suphi Abdullah from the Akre region of Southern Kurdistan committed suicide in a live broadcast after criticizing the government’s policies, unjust living conditions and corruption.

Suphi Abdullah committed suicide in a live broadcast to protest income inequality, wrongful policies and widespread corruption. Abdullah broadcast his suicide on social media on Tuesday evening.

Suphi Abdullah had been living alone in the countryside for 22 months. Abdullah, also known as Hakim Goran locally, had decided to live alone to protest the independence referendum on September 22, 2017.

Abdullah criticized Southern parties’ policies in his broadcast and pointed to many things that have gone wrong. He said the referendum in particular was held at a wrong time, and protested the “treason” in the South, the injustices of income inequality and the widespread corruption cases.

The footage shows Abdullah saying, “You never helped me in any way to serve the comrades, the Kurdish people and the people of Kurdistan.”

In the footage there is a banner behind him and Federal Kurdistan Region flags on both sides. Abdullah places the barrel of his gun to his chest and pulls the trigger. People come in to take Abdullah away after a while.

Suphi Abdullah was not able to be saved.