McGurk visits PUK and Barham Salih

The US special envoy for the fight against the ISIS, Brett McGurk has met with PUK and Coalition for Democracy and Justice representatives.

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Global Coalition to Defeat Islamic State (ISIS), Brett McGurk, who continues his talks in Sulaymaniyah, has met with Lahur Jangi, head of the PUK's (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) Intelligence Agency and Special Forces, and PUK Political School Official Bafil Talabani. The meeting took place at the PUK headquarters at Hill Dabeshan.

Referring to the claims that some parties will boycott the parliament in the wake of the elections in Iraq, McGurk said this would be a wrong decision. He reportedly put emphasis on the importance of Kurdistan Region parties’ presence in the Iraqi parliament.

McGurk also met with Barham Salih, head of the Coalition for Democracy and Justice.

The US special envoy is expected to meet with the representatives of six parties who have voiced accusations of fraud in the elections of May 12.

Gorran (Change) Movement, Coalition for Democracy and Justice, Yekgırtu, Komela İslam, Communist Party and Islamic Movement Party had denounced fraud in the elections and stated that they will not be attending sessions in the Iraqi parliament.