Muini: Kurds are the strongest and most organized force in Iran

PJAK Co-chair Siyamend Muini said that Kurds are the strongest and most organized force in terms of developments in Iran and the region.

Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) Co-chair Siyamend Muini was interviewed by RojNews agency on the current developments in Iran and Rojhilat (East Kurdistan).

How do you rate the situation in Iran and East Kurdistan?

Iran is under an economic embargo. This is not a normal phase for Iran. The developments of today are the consequences of forty years of politics in Iran and in Rojhilat. The situation in Iran and in Rojhilat is getting worse by the day. The embargo threatens Iran's economic, political, international and diplomatic relations. This situation creates the opportunity for the peoples to win freedom after 40 years of dictatorship. The 1979 revolution could then be resumed where it left off and achieve its goals.

What are the preparations of the forces in Rojhilat against the political developments in Iran?

The Kurds are the basic factor in changing the nation-state system in the region. It is not just about Iran, the Kurds have shown their role in the nation state crises in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. At this stage, the Kurds have proposed solutions to the problems of the Middle East and Iran. They are the most organized and strongest force in Iran. Under the demands for peace, freedom and equality, they were able to establish a form of national unity. In this sense, the Kurds can represent an avant-garde for many movements in Iran.

In your opinion, what are the tasks of the Kurds in Rojhilat and those of the opposition in Iran?

It is important that the Kurds form a unit politically, organizationally and in other areas. given the current developments in Iran, the unity of the Kurds and their meeting on a common basis , will strengthen the position of the Kurds for a probable juncture after the Iranian regime. I am convinced that the Kurds have very good chances of achieving their goals. All political forces should therefore support each other.

What projects do you have with regard to the unity of the Kurdish forces?

We have presented a ten-year project to strengthen the unity between the political forces in Rojhilat. For this project, we hve visited the majority of the parties in Rojhilat. At the same time, we communicated this in public and reported on the basics of the meeting. One of these basics is that there should be no more party militias. We need a national force to defend our achievements. We must send out the message to the fascist states and their collaborators that the Kurds have become stronger in the political sphere and will continue until the victory.

How was this meeting and your project met in Rojhilat?

We can make changes to the project based on the parties' suggestions at the meeting, and enrich it. We presented this project alone as PJAK. As a result of our dialogue, the basis of our project may be expanded or other issues may be extracted. But everyone should know that we have prepared our project in mind of the political interests of Kurdistan. One of the important points is to appoint party representatives and work together on the basis of a "national unity". In Rojhilat, this work shall be carried out on behalf of the Kurdish parties. It is not a party-owned force, but a joint, organized force that can protect our achievements.

We want to form a joint force. We don’t want young people to be victims of the problems of one party with the other. Kurdistan has sixty years of experience and we now have to come to a conclusion on that basis. A negative example is how the South Kurdistan government enforces an independence referendum on behalf of the Kurds and then hands over half of Kurdistan to the occupiers. What kind of Kurdishness is it that easily hands over half of the land to the occupiers? That is why it is important that free and patriotic Kurds make their demands clear and fight for the protection of their national values.

What stands in the way of Kurdish unity?

The individual and economic interests of the parties prevent them from getting close to each other. We do not say that all Kurds have to think the same. But the Kurds, especially in this particularly historic period, can take important joint steps oust the occupying forces from Kurdistan, to weaken chauvinism and to achieve their goals. In a democratic system, the people can decide for themselves, while the parties can propose different paradigms.

The current phase is very sensitive and all parties should be aware of that and take steps to act in peace and unity. When I speak of political parties, I do not mean the slaves of the ruling government. Some parties have become government tools. They represent a vanguard of Turkey and Iran.

The politics in Bashur (South Kurdistan) is not oriented to national interests. It serves the invaders of Kurdistan and extends their lives. This system is in the final breaths. Therefore, a new example project is indispensable not only for Iran, but also for Iraq and the whole region. The whole region can become a model of democracy and so freedom and equality can be achieved.