Nights of resistance...

When we talk about the resistance of Heftanin, the heroes of that resistance should be mentioned.

These heroes changed the history written for the Kurds. If there is life in South Kurdistan today, it is thanks to them. Now many freedom fighters are following the path of these heroes. Kurdish identity, existence, values, life and the freedom of Kurdistan are protected every day in Heftanin.

It cannot be seen in the dark at night, but the war continues with in all its heaviness. Mortar sounds can be heard from everywhere. The area has been bombed countless times. The children of the fire are also taking their position with determination. Faith in the eyes of the insurgents does not allow the invaders to set foot on their holy land. After hours of bombardment, the enemy wants to drop the soldiers from the helicopter. They thought that nobody was left in the area and they would invade the area comfortably.

As the helicopter carrying soldiers was getting ready to land, bullets started to fall, as rain, from all sides. The helicopter took off quickly and tried to get out of the area. But it was late. A bullet hit its wing. The pilot could no longer control the helicopter. The helicopter crashed. Other helicopters were also hit. The guerrillas had turned the Xantur area into hell for the invaders. After this night, many soldiers resigned and said they did not want to go to war. Undoubtedly, the same situation happens every night, but each time the invaders have their share of failure.

'This is Heftanin' is the slogan being chanted in Heftanin. Ciwan also takes part in the war for existence in Heftanin with his dokça. With his friends, he foiled the attempts of the invaders many times dealing heavy blows to them. When the Turkish state wants to drop its troops, Ciwan and his friends opposed them with great resistance. They defend Heftanin by spoiling the invasion attempt. Ciwan is very devoted to his dokça. He, who did not remain silent and instead fought against the occupation, is successfully fulfilling his role.

In Heftanin, everybody, everything is resisting. Guerrillas, trees, stones, soil and all living creatures in the region joined this resistance. The sense of defense dominates everything. Who can minimise what these guerrillas are doing? In Heftanin, guns are not given up under any circumstances. On one hand, guerrillas Egîd and Zilan are fighting for the existence of South Kurdistan, on the other hand, the collaborators acting with the enemy. It is time for everyone to see what is going on.