No news from two activists detained by KDP armed forces in Hewler

Two activists detained by KDP armed forces in Hewler while protesting the Zakho massacre, have not been heard from for four days.

The protest organised in Hewler against the Zakho massacre carried out by the Turkish army on 20 July, was banned by the armed forces of the KDP. Six activists who wanted to participate in the protest were detained by the KDP armed forces. Some of the activists detained were released later in the night. The phones of Heysem Fuad Saleyi and Hogir Pîrbal were confiscated by the KDP armed forces.

According to the information obtained, there is no news from the two activists who went to the public order forces after the KDP public security called them on 23 July, the day after the protest. They were asked to come and get their phones.

Acukat Herem Rifet said: “There is no news from either activists. The Asayish [public order] forces do not share any information with us about their whereabouts. They say they sent their files to the police, but we don’t know where they are.”