North and East Syrian Internal Security Forces deal heavy blow to Turkish Secret Service in Hol Camp

The gang members that the Internal Security Forces caught while trying to transfer weapons and ammunition into Hol Camp admitted that they were brought from Girê Spi, under Turkish occupation.

More than 60 thousand people are staying in Hol Camp, which is located 45 kilometres east of Hesekê. In addition to Iraq and Syria, thousands of ISIS families from 48 different countries stay in the camp.

While the Turkish intelligence is establishing networks to rescue ISIS members in the camp, they are also working hard for ISIS to seize the camp.

There is a sophisticated network of mercenaries extending from the Turkish-occupied areas to Hol Camp.

On 28 February 2021, the North-East Syrian Internal Security Forces carried out an operation called "Humanitarian and Security Operation" in the camp where ISIS secret cell structures were reorganising.

As a result of the operation, while dozens of cells were destroyed, over 200 gang members, including ISIS emirs, were also captured.

The Islamic State, which was hit hard as a result of the February operation, started to reorganize. The gang members who infiltrated into the refugees and were passive were mobilized for 'reorganization'.

The Internal Security Forces, which ensured the security of the camp, carried out operations upon a tip they received a few days ago. They seized the weapons and ammunition that were tried to be brought into the camp. As a result of the operation, 6 AK-47 guns, 48 ​​magazines, 1,350 bullets, 7 hand grenades, 7 military vests and 1 military uniform were seized.

In their first statements, the captured gang members admitted that the ammunition came from Girê Spi, which is under Turkish occupation, and that there is great movement going on.

The 'ISIS movements' in the Hol Camp were carried out from Idlib until the occupation of Girê Spî in October 2019. After the Turkish state occupied Girê Spî, it moved the 'Hol Operation Center' there and brought a gang member named Cerrah Ebu Ömer, rescued by MIT (Turkish intelligence), to its head.

Abu Walid, one of the captured ISIS emirs, and his cell confessed that they received all their action and activity instructions in the camp from Cerrah Abu Omar, who was in the camp before and was taken to Girê Spi by MIT.