Orphanage "Keskesora Alan" in Kobanê named after internationalist Lorenzo Orsetti

The orphanage "Keskesora Alan" in Kobanê is a project implemented by the women's foundation WJAS. The medical centre has now been expanded - and named after internationalist Lorenzo Orsetti.

The orphanage "Keskesora Alan" (Alan's rainbow) in the northern Syrian city of Kobanê was set up in 2018 thanks to the international support from the Foundation for Free Women in Syria (WJAS). There is also a kindergarten run by the Women's Foundation and a women's education center with training rooms for young women on the site. Until now, a small infirmary was taking care of the medical needs of the children living there. This facility has now been expanded and also offers medical care for children in the area.

The fact that this project was made possible is mainly due to the family of internationalist Lorenzo Orsetti, who fell on 18 March 2019 during the final battle on the last ISIS bastion in eastern Syria. Thanks to a generous donation from the parents of the Italian fighter, the WJAS was able to expand the health centre, which has now been called "Medical Centre Lorenzo Orsetti".

Şînda Osib, who works in the administration of Keskesora Alan said: “Thanks to this support, we were able to expand our medical centre and this ensures that a doctor can treat the children from the surrounding area as well three days a week.” However, the demand is much greater and, in the long term, goes beyond the current supply. One problem is that the cost of buying medicines is high and medical treatment has become expensive.

Next goal: A gynaecologist for the medical care of women

Osib added: “Only a small fee of 2,000 Syrian Liras is charged in the foundation's health centre. That's the equivalent of about 0.75 euros. We give away medicines free of charge and intend to continue to do so. Another long-term goal, however, is to add a gynaecologist to the health centre in order to improve medical care for women in the region. But we haven't had the funding for this yet. Anyone who would like to support us in this project is welcome to do so with a donation to our foundation.”

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Lorenzo Orsetti

Lorenzo Orsetti was from Florence and joined the Rojava Resistance in 2017. There he was organized in the internationalist units within the structures of the YPG and the TKP/ML-TIKKO. As an internationalist, he called himself Têkoşer Piling, and his friends affectionately called him Orso (bear). In 2018, Orsetti fought on the front lines defending Afrin against the Turkish jihadist occupation. When the canton fell on 18 March 2018, he went to eastern Syria and took part in operations against the Islamic State. Orsetti then fought with an Arab unit from the Têkoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle) association in the final anti-IS offensive "Thunderstorm Cizîrê". On the anniversary of his death, on 18 March 2019, the group was ambushed and all of its members killed. Just three days later, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced its military victory over ISIS.