PJAK Co-Chair Vejin: All Kurds must join their forces

All Kurdish forces should take a stand against the KDP-backed attacks of Turkey, said PJAK Co-Chair Zîlan Vejîn, adding, “All Kurds must unite their forces. We must prevent occupation with a common mind, struggle and resistance.”

The Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) Co-Chair Zîlan Vejin spoke to ANF about the latest wave of Turkish attacks on the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and the KDP's treacherous role.

Vejin started her speech by praising the fighters who have been putting up heroic resistance against the invasion attacks and commemorated the martyrs who lost their lives during the attacks.

“These recent attacks, carried out in cooperation with the KDP, are part of the concept of genocide against the Kurdish people. The attacks launched by the Turkish army on April 17 are not only targeting South Kurdistan or the Medya Defense Zones. The target of these attacks is the four parts of Kurdistan. The Turkish state came up with the concept of war in 2021, but when it failed to achieve its goal, it started to see 2022 as the final year of its plans. That's why it dubs its offensive as "operation claw-lock". All the enemies of the Kurdish people are acting together to realize their dirty plans. These attacks are not only carried out by the Turkish state.The hegemonic powers and NATO are a part of these attacks. A treacherous power such as the KDP also supports the Turkish state in the region, paving the way for an invasion.

The Turkish state wants to maintain its power in 2023 by shedding blood and fighting. The only role of the KDP is to cooperate with the enemy in Kurdistan. The true face of the Barzani family has been revealed once again in the persons of Masrour and Nechirvan Barzani. At a time when there is such a serious war and occupation in Kurdistan, Masrour ​​was protested by Kurdish youth in London. Imagine that a Kurdish official goes to England and is protected by the British police because of the protests against his policies. The Kurdish protest in London was a reaction to their cooperation with the enemy. They will perish because of this treacherous position they have.

We know our enemy very well. The Turkish state and Erdogan are hostile to all Kurds. Wherever he sees a free Kurd, he attacks. Turkey attacks Kurds in all areas, including Maxmur, Şengal, Rojava, Rojhilat (East Kurdistan), Bashur (South Kurdistan) and Bakur (North Kurdistan). That's why all Kurds should join forces. With a common mind, struggle and resistance, we must prevent the occupation. We must eliminate the KDP's betrayal in Kurdistan. As long as the KDP exists, the enemy will always find a way to invade Kurdistan. As Murat Karayılan says, this is a war of survival for the Kurds. It is the war of all Kurds,” Vejin said.


Vejin emphasized that the Turkish state, which pursues a genocidal policy against the Kurdish people, is attempting to occupy the whole of Kurdistan by trying to take advantage of every opportunity. She noted that if this invasion and attacks are not prevented, the Rojava Revolution will be in jeopardy, and the persecution against the Kurds in Turkey will increase.

Vejîn recalled that the policies pursued by the KDP in South Kurdistan led to forced migration and unemployment and discouraged people to join the resistance. She added that the people of Bashur should also be aware of the KDP’s policies.

The PJAK Co-Chair urged the people of Rojhilat to join the resistance against the attacks of the enemy. “Previously, the Rojhilat youth joined the resistance in an inspiring spirit and liberated Kobanê and resisted in the battle positions in Afrin and Girê Spi. They should also join this war of survival. This is the war of the four parts of Kurdistan, the Kurdish people, women, intellectuals, artists and politicians. Therefore, everyone should take part in this resistance. We can prevent invasion only in this way.

We are going through a very delicate period. 2023 marks the centenary of the Lausanne Treaty. It means that new plans are very likely to be introduced to target the Kurdish people in an attempt to completely eliminate Kurdistan, which they divided into four parts. That is the main objective. In 2021, the will of the Turkish state and Erdogan was broken. In 2022, we will defeat the Turkish state and Erdogan. 2023 will be a year of victory for the Kurdish people. We can achieve this when everyone acts in a spirit of responsibility.”


Vejîn expressed concern over the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in Imrali prison. “Subjected to aggravated isolation for 23 years, Öcalan continues his resistance and struggle. It is time to endorse the "Dem dema azadiyê" (Time for freedom) campaign launched for his physical freedom. Hundreds of young people from Rojhilat are currently fighting in Behdinan, Avaşîn, Zap. A comrade from Selmas was martyred just two days ago. We have a responsibility to cherish the legacy of fallen companions.

Nobody can say that ‘this war is not my war’. Everyone is a part of this war and is paying the price. Everyone must fulfil their responsibilities so that the prices we have paid remain meaningful. Kurdish forces can do this with their policies and attitudes. The Kurds have always given the enemy an opportunity because of their fragmented situation.

All parties in Kurdistan, especially those in Rojhilat, which promote freedom and democracy, should take a more radical and articulate stance. We will defeat the enemy and achieve success by resisting together as guerrillas and the people.”