Protest against Turkish invasion of Rojava in Moscow

Demonstrations continue all over the world in protest at Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria.

Kurdish institutions and various leftist organisations promoted a demonstration in Moscow in protest at Turkish invasion attacks against North and East Syria.

Gathering in front of Dostoyevska metro station, demonstrators marched to the Svorskaya Square with banners that voiced solidarity with the resistance of Rojava and condemned the Turkish state attacks. Speakers urged the Turkish state to end its bloody invasion of Rojava.

Kurdish Cultural Federal Autonomy in Russia, Ferhat Patiyev, said the following in his speech: “The Turkish state’s aggression against Rojava is a genocide. The Turkish attacks that are also joined and supported by ISIS mercenaries, are deliberately targeting civilians in an attempt to depopulate the region. Our objective is to denounce Turkish invasion and call for urgent action to prevent further massacres in the region.”