Protests against Turkey in Sulaymaniyah, Rania and Chamchamal

People took to the streets across Southern Kurdistan and protested the Turkish state’s invasion operation on Afrin Canton of Northern Syria.

Following a call by Kurdistan Patriotic Youth’s Movement (Komeleya Gencanî Welatparêz) and Resisting Young Women’s Organisation (Rexistina Jinen Ciwanen Tekoşer), youth in Sulaymaniyah staged a demonstration in protest at the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin Canton of Northern Syria.

Demonstrators called upon the people to act against Turkish attacks on Afrin and vowed to remain in the streets till the morning.

People in Rania also protested the Turkish state’s invasion attempt and deadly attacks against Rojava, Western Kurdistan.

Demonstrators are chanting slogans in favor of the YPG and against the Turkish state. It is said that the demonstration will continue till the morning.

People also took to the streets in Chamchamal and condemned the Turkish state and its attacks on Afrin.

Protesters called upon the people of Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan to take to the streets against Turkey’s invasion attacks on Afrin, stressing that they are ready to go to Afrin to support the forces there.