Refugees in Van are sent to Afrin

Hundreds of refugees aged between 15 and 25 that have been settled in Van are secretly sent to Afrin at night hours.

There is an intense refugee activity in the Kurdish province of Van bordering Iran recently. Hundreds of refugees arrive in the bus terminal of the city on daily basis. Refugees of Central Asia origin in particular are sent from Van to other cities every evening.

The AKP government of Turkey had brought in thousands of refugees to the Kurdish region in an attempt to change the demographic structure of the region. The refugees of Turkish origin have been settled in the Tent Village established near Mount Süphan in Bitlis. Going beyond that, the AKP government brought in large numbers of refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and several other countries and settled them in the town of Derecik in Hakkari’s Şemdinli district.

The AKP regime is now sending the refugees in Van to Afrin. The day before, hundreds of refugees aged between 15 and 25 were secretly brought to the bus terminal of the city to the accompaniment of the police. All the procedures of these refugees were fulfilled by the police, after which they were sent to Afrin in buses late at night.