Resistance against the Iraqi army in Kirkuk on its 29th day

The resistance of the people of Newroz neighbourhood in Kirkuk against the occupation of the Iraqi army is on its 29th day.

The Iraqi army entered the Newroz neighbourhood in Kirkuk in an attempt to evict the people from their homes and replace the Kurds with Arab families. Kurds in the neighbourhood have been resisting the invasion attempt of the Iraqi army with a tent protest for 29 days.

The Iraqi army surrounded 7 houses in the neighbourhood with armoured vehicles. The troops still have not withdrawn from the houses they occupied. The residents of the neighbourhood are resisting this by setting up tents.

The people of the neighbourhood say that they settled in these houses after the Baath regime and there is no legal obstacle to this.

Consisting of 200 households, the neighbourhood is mostly inhabited by Kurds. The residents, who had to migrate to Hewlêr (Erbil) and Sulaymaniyah because they opposed the Baath regime, returned to their neighbourhood after the fall of the Baath regime and have continued to live here since.