SDF reports intensified Turkish attacks on Ain Issa and Gire Spi

The Turkish occupation army has accelerated its attacks against North-East Syria.

The Press Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement providing information on the increasingly ongoing attacks against northern Syrian territories.

SDF said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have recently intensified their artillery shelling on Ain Issa line and the villages of Tal Abyad / Gire Spi countryside.

“The center of Ain Issa town and its surroundings have been heavily bombed during the past three days, and the bombing has directly targeted civilian homes. Two children were wounded as a result of the shells that occurred in the early hours of this morning,” said the SDF statement.

The movement and mobilization of mercenaries increased in Al-Malikiyah village.

SDF added that two kilometers away from the M4 International Highway, the mercenaries are instructing bases preparing to launch attacks.