Six Turkish soldiers killed in HPG actions

Six soldiers of the Turkish army were killed as a result of actions carried out by HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas in Botan, Dersim, Xakurke and Bitlis regions of Kurdistan.

The Press Office of People’s Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement detailing the most recent actions carried out by HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas against Turkish invasion army in Kurdistan territory.

The statement said the following;

“On June 27, at 06.30, our YJA Star forces carried out an action against the Yekmalê outpost in the Qileban (Uludere) district of Şırnak. The number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified in the action where enemy positions and shelters were effectively hit.

Within the scope of the Martyr Media Mawa and Martyr Rızgar Gever Revenge Campaign, which is ongoing in Botan area, our forces carried out an action against the invading Turkish army soldiers trying to ensure road safety between the Zıvıngê and Güvenlik hill outposts in Gabar Mountain on June 27. The invading Turkish army soldiers were hit effectively who was put under control by our forces. Three soldiers were killed and two soldiers were wounded in this action. following the action, the invaders who wanted to intervene in the area with armored vehicles were hit and a Kirpi type armored vehicle was damaged.

Within the scope of Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Campaign in the Medya Defense Zones against occupation operation; about 23.00, on June, 28, our forces carried out an action against invading Turkish army soldiers positioned on Shekif hill on the of the Xakurkê region of the Medya Defense Zones. In this action, in which the enemy soldiers were effectively hit, one enemy soldier was killed. Following the action, the invading Turkish army, which indiscriminately bombed the surrounding areas, carried away the dead and wounded soldiers by helicopters. Our action unit has reached its base area safely.

On June 28, a vehicle carrying Turkish soldiers and contras was hit by YJA-Star guerrillas in the district of Hozat in Dersim. One soldier was killed and one other was wounded, while the vehicle was damaged.

On 29 June, at 04.30, our forces carried out an action against the checkpoint on the road between Bitlis province and Hizan district. One enemy soldier was killed as a result of this action.

On 27 June, warplanes of the invading Turkish army bombed the Kumri area of the Metina region.

On June 28, at 22.30, Amediye hill area of the Amediye district of Duhok and Sergelê village were bombed.

We have had not suffered any casualties in these attacks.”