Social media campaign to celebrate the Rojava Revolution

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of The Rojava Revolution, the global RISEUP FOR ROJAVA network called for a social media campaign on 19 July.

In a few days is 19 July. It will be the 7th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

To draw attention to this historic day, the global RISEUP FOR ROJAVA network call for a social media campaign to celebrate 19 July and the Revolution. 

The Riseup for Rojava in a statement invites people around the world to "share your congratulations with the people of Rojava via video & image and make clear what the Rojava Revolution means to you and why it has to be defended."

The appointment is on 19 July at 6 CEST. The hashtags will be #pirozbe and #riseup4rojava and the messages will be posted on Twitter & Facebook.

The stament recalls that "on 19 July 2012, the revolution started in Kobane and quickly spread to the Kurdish cities of Afrin, Qamishlo and Derik.

Seven years in which history was written. Seven years in which the lives of millions of people change radically. Seven years in which hundreds of thousands of women have organized and liberated themselves, thousands of communes and innumerable cooperatives have been founded."

The statement added: "What began then in Kobane has become a major struggle against the fascism of our time and for the liberation of women and society. The division policy of the Syrian regime has been overcome. Today, 80% of YPG and YPJ fighters are Arabs. Hundreds of thousands of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and Turkmen children learn their mother tongue, a new historiography and Jineoloji, the science from the point of view of women. The children of the revolution are a living symbol of this new life. Freedom has burned itself into the collective memory of society."

The statement continued: "The revolution is still full of contradictions and energy. Seven years in which the societies of Kurdistan, northern and eastern Syria did rise up and progressed day by day.

Seven years in which a heavy war raged and Rojava was attacked by all sides. Seven years in which resistance has been present every second and moment. The war began in September 2012 as gangs of Al-Nusra attacked the city of Serikaniye, followed by the attack by DAESH on Kobane, the last minute defense of the attack and the complete liberation of Kobane was the beginning of the end of the so-called caliphate. DAESH has found its end in Kobane’s resistance. With the resistance of Kobane, Rojava has become a symbol of hope worldwide."

The statement added: "Kobane, Gire Spî, Til Temir, Til Hamis, Heseke, Al Hol, Minbic, Shaddadi, Tabbqa, Raqqa, Deir-a Zor, Afrin. The People’s and Women’s Defense Units (YPG / YPJ) and the democratic forces of Syria have defended free life over the past six years, freeing millions of people from the IS’s slavery and defending them against Turkish fascism."

Riseup For Rojava continude: "On 19 March this year, ISIS was finally defeated in Baghouz. In the fight against the last positions of ISIS Revolutionary and Italian internationalist Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling) fell on the penultimate day of the operation. A painful death so close to the military end of the ISIS in north Eastern Syria. Lorenzo reminds us of hundreds, of thousands of revolutionaries who have fallen in the fight for the free life in the fight against the ISIS and the fascist NATO state Turkey. We are remembering every single fallen, remembering the days together, dances, discussions, difficulties and successes."

"Can there be a more meaningful life?"

The statement ends by remembering all the martyrs of the Revolution. "The fallen are the value of this revolution. The fallen have made the revolution what it is today. Without them, there would be no more revolution, without them we would have nothing to celebrate on the 19 of July. They have made history with their determined attitude toward the universal values of socialism and their love for freedom and humanity! Lorenzo, Ivana Hoffmann, Anna Cambell, Legerin Ciya, Dilsoz Bahar and many other internationalists have become part of this story with their self-sacrifice. And it is our heritage to continue writing this story and to expand and defend the revolution."