Soldiers settle in tents they set up in a village under military siege in Şırnak countryside

Turkish soldiers are reported to have settled in the tents they set up in the Hespist village which they have blockaded.

The village of Hespist (tr: Yarbaşı) in the İdil district of Şırnak has been besieged by the Turkish army since the launch of an operation in the area on 24 December. The area of Turkish military operation encompasses the entire surrounding area of Hespist. The Turkish army imposed a temporary curfew on the locals and a ban on entering and leaving the village. While the "entry and exit ban" was lifted after a while, it is reported that the military blockade has continued for 5 days.

According to reports from the ground, the soldiers deployed in the area have ettled in the tents they set up inside and at the entrance of the village where the blockade continues.

Villagers expressed their concern and called for public awareness.