Tevgera Azadi office in Germiyan shut down

Repression against Tevgera Azadi in South Kurdistan continues.

Asayish (security) forces raided the Tevgera Azadi office in Germiyan city of Sulaymaniyah.

The people who had been resisting in the office for the past 5 days, were forced out of the office which was then shut down.

Tevgera Azadî Germiyan branch made a press conference about the Sunday’s raid and shutting down of the office.

The statement was read by Tevgera Azadî Germiyan region co-chair Hawrê Cebar who said the following; “There had been a great pressure against our office for the past 5 days. They raided our office without any official document and detained us inside the office. We were then forcibly driven out and the office was shut down.”

Hawrê Cebar continued, stressing that; “These practices will not be able to stop us. We call on all political circles to stand against this decision because it is implemented against freedom.”