The fate of 16 Maxmur residents arrested in Hewlêr, still unknown

There is still no news about the 16 Maxmur refugee camp residents arrested by the KDP asayish in Hewlêr, South Kurdistan.

The KDP, which is keeping Maxmur refugee camp under embargo for about two years, have recently arrested a number of camp residents.

KDP Security Forces, which detained 20 camp residents in Hewlêr [Erbil] last month, have released 4 people, but are still keeping 16 people and no information about their situation could be learned.

The residents of Maxmur camp, who were detained and released, said that they were insulted in prison and put in the ward where ISIS mercenaries were held.

Sharing information on the subject, Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp Foreign Affairs Committee said that 15 of those detained by the KDP security forces were workers and 5 were students. The Committee shared the information that 5 of those arrested were young women, and said that the other people were detained at different workplaces in Hewlêr.

The Committee and their families who applied to the International Red Cross have not achieved any results so far.

The names of those detained by the KDP security forces, Asayish, are as follows:

Hacî Yildirim

Aycan Çelebî

Seîd Abdulla Kara

Abdulkerim Yusif Kara

Sadiq Bulut Ehmed

Aydin Apaydin

Orhan Bulut

Rûken Ustun

Karoş Rustem

Şivan Mihemed

Zilan Salih

Qeder Salih

Xurbet Tunç

Rûbar Sadiq

Êhsan Şêx Silêman