Turkish army attacks civilians in Southern Kurdistan

In the region of Lolan near Mount Shekif in Southern Kurdistan, the Turkish army fired artillery shells at civilians who were collecting herbs on the mountain pasture. Several people were injured during the attack.

The Turkish army has once again targeted civilians in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). Civilians collecting herbs near Mount Shekif in the Lolan region were attacked by Turkish forces with howitzers and mortars. While several people are said to have been injured the exact number is not known. The population of the surrounding villages is angry and is moving into the area with slogans against Turkey to rescue the injured.

As recently as 26 July, two civilians died in a Turkish bombardment near the village of Hesepirkê near Amadiya. According to the Christian Peacemaker Teams, at least seven civilians have been killed by the Turkish army since the beginning of the current Turkish wave of attacks on Southern Kurdistan on 15 June. With the attack of Hesepirkê this number has risen to nine.