Two co-mayors released, another sentenced to 8 years in prison

Co-mayors of Van’s Özalp and Saray districts have been released, while former co-mayor of Dersim, Edibe Şahin has received 8 years and 9 months prison sentence.

Co-mayor of Van’s DBP-held Özalp Municipality, Şerafettin Özalp, Co-mayor of Saray Municipality, Zilan Aldatmaz and Municipal Council Member Leyla Tosun, who have been jailed for 1,5 years for various charges, appeared before court on Friday.

Following the hearing at Van 4th Heavy Penal Court, the penal of judges decided to release Şerafettin Özalp, Zilan Aldatmaz and Leyla Tosun.

On the other hand, the hearing in the case against former co-mayor of Dersim, Edibe Şahin, who served for the municipality from 2009 to 2014, was held at Tunceli 1st Heavy Penal Court today.

Şahin attended the hearing through video conferencing SEGBİS system from Kandıra F Type Closed Prison where she is jailed.

The court board ruled 8 years and 9 months in prison for Şahin.