Two guerrillas martyred in Besta

Two guerrillas died during an air attack of the Turkish army in the province Şırnak, Northern Kurdistan.

Guerrilla fighters Laleş Koçer and Zerdeşt Rêber were martyred on September 14 in a Turkish army air attack on the Givara area in the Besta region of Şırnak province, announced the Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (Hêzên Parastina Gel, HPG) in a statement on Tuesday.

Nom de Guerre: Laleş Koçer

First and last name: Hogir Muhammed

Place of birth: Qamishlo

Mother’s and father’s names: Sabah - Zeydin

Date and place of martyrdom: September 14, 2020 / Besta


Nom de Guerre: Zerdeşt Rêber

First and last name: Seyithan Akcan

Place of birth: Siirt

Mother’s and father’s names:Vesile - Rakip

Date and place of martyrdom: September 14, 2020 / Besta

Laleş Koçer came from the Qamishlo city in Western Kurdistan (Rojava), Zerdeşt Rêber from the province of Siirt in Northern Kurdistan (Bakur). Both grew up under the influence of the liberation struggle led by the PKK, said the HPG statement and continued: "The occupying states have been trying for years to divide the Kurdish people and alienate them from their own reality. The people fight against this with the philosophy of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and the liberation guerilla. Also our companions Laleş and Zerdeşt, as valuable offspring of the Kurdish people, have felt in their hearts that the way to freedom and to an end of the occupation can be achieved through guerrilla struggle. The two guerrilla fighters went to Northern Kurdistan to put into practice the "line of the guerrilla of the new time" in Botan. Both mounted legendary resistance in Besta.”