Victims of Turkish attack in Maxmur laid to rest

Two members of the Self-Defence Forces, who were killed in the Turkish air attack on the Maxmur refugee camp in southern Kurdistan on Tuesday evening, have been laid to rest.

The Turkish army's simultaneous airstrikes on Maxmur, Shengal and Rojava on Tuesday evening have so far claimed the lives of five people. Two members of the Self-Defence Forces lost their lives in the Maxmur refugee camp in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Dozens of residents suffered injuries, some of them serious.

The victims were buried on Wednesday. Thousands of people gathered at eleven o'clock local time in front of the centre for the families of martyrs and marched united through the camp to the UN office. Filiz Budak, the co-chair of the People's Council, gave a speech condemning the Turkish airstrikes and said: " Maxmur is the living memory of resistance. In order to destroy this attitude, the Turkish state is carrying out every form of attack. It wants to destroy something that has been built up over 27 years of work. Today, the people of Maxmur are showing Turkey once again that its attacks are doomed to failure."

Another speech was given by Hevrê Rêbwar, a representative of the Communist Party in the town of Maxmur next to the camp. Rêbwar condemned the Turkish state for its attacks, which -he said- are against international law, and expressed his sympathy to the people of the camp.

At the subsequent mourning service in the cultural centre, People's Council Chairman Yusuf Kara stressed that the resistance against Turkish fascism would continue. Afterwards, the two victims were laid to rest in the cemetery.