Yazidis: We don’t want traitors in Shengal

Yazidis stopped the governor and council members from the KDP from entering Shengal and said, “We don’t want traitors here.”

With approval from the Governor of Mosul, KDP Governor Mehma Xelil and council members attempted to return to Shengal yesterday, but the Yazidi people protested the return of these persons wh abandoned them during the August 3, 2014 genocide and said, “We don’t want traitors here.”

The people started marching from the Sinûnê district to Shengal center. The people of Shengal were met with threats and armed attacks by Iraqi forces, but broke through the barriers to reach the center over the main road in Shengal. Yazidis stopped the KDP governor and council members from entering Shengal yesterday and gathered in front of the governorate building today to issue a statement.

Semîr Derwêsh read the statement in the name of the people of Shengal and stressed that they don’t want the people responsible for Shengal falling into ISIS’ hands in the city.


The people demand the following from the Iraqi government:

- We don’t want former administrators of Shengal from the KDP. They betrayed and abandoned us here.

- We want a new administration, and we propose to elect our own representatives.

- We will continue our protests as long as these demands are ignored.

Deputy Governor Fehed Hamid announced support for the people and said, “Since 2003, the KDP members prevented anybody outside their party to take on this duty. That is why the people have a right to elect a candidate from among themselves.”