YBŞ Commander: We are ready for any possible attack, we defend ourselves

“The autonomous Şengal was built at the cost of martyrs. We defend our existence as a force as well as our honor,” said YBŞ Commander Xebat Ereb after the Iraqi military aggression on the Yazidi town.

Xebat Ereb, a commander of the Şengal Resistance Units (YBŞ), spoke to ANF about the Iraqi military attack launched against the Yazidi town of Şengal (Sinjar) in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) earlier today.

Xebat Ereb stated, “We are ready for any possible attack on the region. We are defending ourselves. We came to these days thanks to our martyrs, and we have the right to defend and govern ourselves.”

The YBŞ commander stressed that they would never desire a war against the Iraqi army and continued, “We are fighting against those forces that seek to destabilize the region. We have lost hundreds of martyrs in order to defend ourselves. We freed this region from occupation by resisting. We defend our existence as a force as well as our honour. We struggle to strengthen the unity of the region’s peoples. However, we exercise our right to legitimate self-defense in response to the latest attacks. No military force would ever stay inactive or silent in the face of an attack directed at itself. We tell the government of Iraq that this war will not benefit anyone.”

The autonomous Şengal was built at the cost of martyrs, said the YBŞ commander and noted that ISIS consolidates its presence and carries out attacks in various parts of Iraq today. He added that the Turkish state was behind these attacks.