YJA Star guerrilla Şerda Azadi: 2024 will be the year of victory

YJA Star guerrilla Şerda Azadi said that the guerrilla will achieve victory in 2024 with the experience and war tactics it has gained.

Şerda Azadi, a guerrilla fighter in the ranks of YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) evaluated the struggle and resistance in 2023 against the occupation attacks in the guerrilla areas to ANF.

“We had a very tough war in 2023. All the attacks of the enemy were confronted with great sacrifice and frustrated with great resistance. We responded to all dirty war methods, especially the use of chemical weapons, with a sacrificial spirit. Great actions were carried out in difficult conditions with limited means. The companions showed this to everyone by entering up to the enemy's front. All these are signs of the deadlock suffered by the enemy against us. No force can stand against the will of the guerrilla. All this shows that no matter how much they attack, we will win,” Azadi said.

The YJA Star guerrilla continued: “There have always been dirty attacks on our people. All this makes us more ambitious and angrier. With this strength, we will frustrate the dirty attacks on our leader, our people and the guerrilla. The spirit of the martyred commander Leyla gives us great strength. Likewise, the spirit of comrades Ruken and Sara, who carried out an action in Mersin a year ago, and the spirit of comrades Erdal and Rojhat, who carried out an action in Ankara this year, give us morale and strength. All these are strong messages for the enemy. This means: No matter what you do, you cannot stop us. These companions showed us the Apoist spirit. We took strength and morale from their actions. We will follow their path.”

Azadi concluded: “We are people locked in purpose. The enemy does not learn a lesson from these attacks. We will always frustrate the enemy. We will achieve a decisive victory with the Apoist philosophy. 2024 will be a successful year for the guerrilla. It will be the year when the isolation on the leader is broken. It will be the year when we will live in a free Kurdistan. This is our claim: We will be more successful in the revolution and new successes will be experienced. As women, we are determined that we will act more strongly no matter what. Success will be ours."