YJA-Star guerrilla Botan: We will win in Heftanin!

YJA-Star guerrilla Evrim Botan, who took part in the Cenga Heftanin resistance talked about the women's resistance in the operation.

Talking about the YJA-Star resistance witnessed in the Cenga Heftanin operation and the heroism resulting from this resistance, Evrim Botan said: "No matter how much one describes this last resistance, it will not be enough. Our sentences are insufficient in the face of the greatness of this resistance. Because there were very heroic, very brave, very self-sacrificing comrades.”

Guerrilla Botan added: “The effect created by the attitude of our women friends, the practice of the fighting style of women friends was both very sacrificial and a reality following Martyr Zilan line. It was a process where tactics were renewed. It was a process of testing new tactics in war. And Cenga Heftanin is one of the operations in which YJA-Star has organised the most actions. All comrades involved in this struggle waged a great resistance.”

Guerrilla Botan continued: “Everyone received support and strength from each other. We are fighters and we get strength from each other. In our philosophy, the idea of leaving the land is not contemplated, we learned this from those before us. The martyrs left this legacy to us. They left the culture of resistance, the culture of living with resistance and will. Our aim is to fight to the last drop of our blood and to expel the fascist Turkish state from these lands."

YJA-Star guerrilla Evrim Botan, drew attention to the sacrifice stance against the invaders which has characterised Cenga Heftanin and said: "Comrade Rustem's stance once again revealed the line of martyr Beritan who threw herself off the cliff to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy. Each comrade has fought and is fighting with that very same sacrifice spirit.

The operation is still ongoing, and the friends deal great blows to the enemy from all sides. We will not allow the enemy to enter these lands and we will not leave our land. We will fight against the enemy and increase the resistance even more with the sacrifice spirit of martyrs Zilan and Beritan and the philosophy of Leader Apo."