YJA Star guerrillas: We are ready to make any sacrifice to defend our people

Guerrillas said that YJA Star struggled the most for women's liberation and called on everyone to "stand up to prevent the massacre. Young people in particular should take up arms and participate in this war."

The Turkish state had been trying to seize Zap and Avaşîn with heavy air bombardments since 14 April, has failed, and continues its attacks both from the air and from the ground, with the active support of the KDP. It bombs war tunnels and uses chemical weapons.

The Kurdish Freedom Guerrillas, which gained experience from the attacks last year, is entering the 27th day of resistance with even more determination.

Evaluating the present war in the Medya Defense Areas, YJA Star guerrillas called for especially the youth to join.

'The occupation attack is also against women'

Guerrilla Rêbîn Awaz: The attacks on our areas are illegal in every respect. We will never leave attacks unanswered. As YJA Star guerrillas, we will stand against the invading army everywhere. Our people should also take a stand. Young people in particular should take up arms and participate in this war.

Everyone should take a stance against the occupation and against the enemy who wants to massacre all Kurds. As guerrilla forces, we will fight until the end to prevent the invasion.

Occupation attacks are also against women. The women's freedom struggle is being waged vigorously in the mountains of Kurdistan. The invading enemy, on the other hand, wants to neutralize our struggle with their attacks. Therefore, women should stand up with this awareness and take a stand against the occupation.

'We are ready to make any sacrifice for our people'

Çavreş Özgür: It is the duty of us, the guerrilla forces, to resist the occupation for our Leader and our people. The invading state will never be able to break the guerrillas’ determination. The invading enemy resorts to chemical and banned weapons, as it cannot break through the guerrilla’s resistance. Despite using all kinds of inhumane methods, the enemy cannot succeed.

Regardless of the conditions, the guerrillas resisted the occupation. We will liberate our people and our Leader by fighting. It is our duty to make any sacrifice for our people. I call on all the people of Kurdistan, especially the people of the South, to stand up against the occupation. Because the invading Turkish state is trying to settle in Mosul and Kirkuk for the purpose of the National Pact. Everyone needs to stand up to prevent the Kurdish massacre.