YRK reports large-scale Iranian operation in Mariwan region

Iranian forces have been deploying troops and weapons to the border regions of Kurdistan and carrying out operations in recent days. The Iranian military activity along the border continues.

The Defense Units of Eastern Kurdistan (YRK) Command released a statement providing information about increasingly ongoing Iranian military activity and attacks despite their forces being in a state of inaction and self-defense.

According to the statement on Tuesday, the Iranian regime forces launched an operation at 05:30 on June 12 in the region of Kosalan. Hundreds of troops took part in the operation accompanied by unmanned aerial vehicles, military vehicles and heavy construction equipment. The Iranian forces partaking in the operation were stationed on the Qeleniyane hill and shelled the surrounding area with mortars and cannon balls.

“At 11:30 on the same day, our comrades carried out an action of legitimate self-defense against the troops carrying out the bombardment, and an enemy officer was killed. Following the strike by our forces, the regime forces shelled the area once again with DShK, mortar and katyusha fire with the support of unmanned aerial vehicles,” YRK stated.

The statement noted that YRK forces have suffered no harm during the operation so far.