15 European youths detained in Urfa and sent to Repatriation Center

Fifteen young people from Europe who came to Turkey to attend the congress of the Green Left Party in Ankara tomorrow were detained in Urfa and sent to the Repatriation Center.

Fifteen young people who came to Turkey from different European countries to attend the congress of the Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) in Ankara on October 15 were taken into custody in Urfa on 12 October during a demonstration against the Turkish state’s ongoing genocidal campaign against North-East Syria, according to the Mezopotamya agency (MA).

According to MA, the detained European activists have been sent to the Repatriation Center today. Their names are as follows: Ariel Castagnieri, Federico Pastoris, Francesca Fabozzi, Luigi Botta, Lucia Troiani, Caroline Förster, Marin Nathan Gutierrez, Friederike Gilhaus, Kim Aileen Utsch, Thao My Nguyen, Fridolin Wagner, Laura Schölzel, Sarah Marisa Baecker, Marvin Brinkmann, and Taraneh Sanaei Parvar.

Before being sent to the Repatriation Center, the group was initially taken to the Emin Çavuş Police Station in the Haliliye district. They were kept in police vehicles with their hands cuffed behind their backs for three hours.

The activists reportedly filed complaints against the police officers who allegedly used violence against them during their statements at the police station. Ariel Castagnieri claimed that a police officer stole his gold necklace during the onslaught.

Caroline Förster stated that the police officers who assaulted her caused her injury by removing the glucose monitoring device from her arm.