Ömer Öcalan: If isolation does not end, there will be no solution

DEM Party MP Ömer Öcalan said, "The solution lies in ending the isolation. When Mr Öcalan speaks, the way for a solution opens."


A mass visit was made to the family of Orhan Demir (Qehreman Murat), an HPG guerrilla who was martyred in a clash on 30 September 2022 in the Girê Hakkari area of Metîna in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

A number of people participated in the visit in the Hilvan district of Urfa organised under the leadership of the Association of Assistance, Solidarity and Culture for Families Who Lost Their Relatives in Ancient Lands (KATDER). The condolence visit took place in Demir's family house in Bahçelievler neighbourhood and a march was organised with the slogan "Şehîd namirin" (Martyrs are immortal).

Speaking during the visit, DEM Party MP Ömer Öcalan said, "There is a reality in these lands, there is a war that has been going on for decades. Many people have lost their lives. As the DEM Party, we are striving for a democratic solution and an honourable peace. The government in Kurdistan does not see this reality and does not endeavour for a solution. We are in the very place where the fire burns and the greatest pain is experienced. The family is here, hundreds of people offer their condolences to the family. Despite this suffering, we are calling for a solution. We want this injustice to end. How much longer will young people lose their lives?"

Drawing attention to the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in İmrali Island Prison, Ömer Öcalan said, "Mr Öcalan has been subject to deepened isolation for 38 months. The way to a solution has been blocked. The way to democracy has been blocked. How much longer will this continue? We are here because the greatest pain is being experienced here. Kurds have the right to live freely and with their own culture in these lands. Some people exist through this war. Pave the way for a solution and stop the bloodshed. Where there is isolation, war comes to the fore. There are attacks on Kurdish gains everywhere. We have to say this everywhere. We will protect all our values. We will speak the truth everywhere. The solution lies in ending isolation. The interlocutors of the solution are clear. Those who fight make peace. Mr Öcalan is under isolation. When Mr Öcalan speaks, the way for a solution opens.”