Demo in solidarity with people of Maxmur in Solothurn

In an act of solidarity with the people of Maxmur in Solothurn, UN officials were asked to end the siege attempts of the camp by the Iraqi forces.

The 5-day resistance of the people of Maxmur against the siege attempt launched by the Iraqi army forces was protested in Solothurn.

The Iraqi army is targeting the Martyr Rustem Cûdî Refugee Camp, which is under UN control. Kurds gathered at Bahntofplatz in the Swiss city and held a rally protesting the siege attempt. A German press text read by the activists described the resistance of the people of Maxmur against the attempt to surround Maxmur camp with iron fences. Activists underlined that the attack on Maxmur benefited from the support of the invading Turkish state and the KDP administration.

Martyr Firaz Dag People's Assembly co-chair Kaya Demir called on the United Nations and international institutions to take action to stop the siege of Maxmur.

Demir said: "The Maxmur Camp, where over 12 thousand people live, has been under attack since 20 May. The people in Maxmur, a camp which is under UN control, have protested this siege attempt for 5 days. Our call is to the UN and all relevant institutions to act and stop this attack."

Speeches made by the European youth movements TCŞ and TekoJIN activists emphasized that young people " will never give up resistance. We will crown our resistance with victory, we will take action everywhere."