Activists in Europe protest racism against Kurds

Activists took to the streets in Europe to protest Turkish racism against Kurds.

Actions were organised in Bielefeld, Germany and Copenhagen to protest against Turkish racism and the murder of Barış Çakan.


An action was organized in Bielefeld, Germany, promoted by GBV and JCA. Dozens of Kurds gathered in front of the Bielefeld train station.

The activists gathered to condemn the racist attack against Barış Çakan, who was stabbed to death four days ago in Ankara by Turkish fascists for listening to Kurdish music.

Banners saying ‘No murder goes unpunished’ and ‘Qirqirinê Nehêle Tole Hildine!’(Don't allow massacres, take revenge!) were opened by activists.

Activists also protested the ongoing attacks carried out by Turkey on Rojava and Maxmur camp.

Kurdish music was played in memory of Barış Çakan and a call was made to respond collectively to such violence.


Racist attacks against the Kurdish people were also protested by the Women's Council and DKTM in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Activists reminded that Turkish police officers tortured a Kurdish teenager while in custody in Amed, and paid tribute to Barış Çakan, stabbed to death in Ankara by fascists for listening to Kurdish songs.

Activists carried photos of Barış Çakan and George Floyd.