Activists in Paris and Marseille protest the Turkish attacks

The Turkish state's invasion attacks against South Kurdistan were protested in Paris and Marseille.

Two marches organized in Paris and Marseille protested the invasion and genocide attacks carried out by the Turkish state.


Activists gathered in Republique Square carrying photos of the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and flags of the YPJ, KCK, YPG. The action was organised by ADHK, CDKF, ATİK, PARTİZAN, ACTIT, ODAK, TJK-F, FE, FEDA, CİK and supported by BİR-KAR AND PDD.

Activists marched to Chatalet. Here the march turned into a rally which was addressed by CDK-F co-chair Veysel Keser, and the representative of the Paris Democratic Platform, Cemal Doğan.


The Turkish occupation attacks were protested in Marseille.

Kurds from Marseille and Draguignan gathered in Canabierre Square and marched towards Vieux Port Square.

The march turned into a rally in Vieux Port Square where Kurdish politician Cemal Serhat addressed the crowd.