Afrin: Resettlement from East Ghouta, then Idlib and Atme

After the forced eviction of the population of Afrin, Salafist groups from East Ghouta are settled in the city. In the further course, thousands of people from Idlib and the refugee camp Atme are to be brought to Afrin.

Until the Turkish invasion army invaded Afrin, the city was considered one of the most peaceful places in Syria. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from all over Syria settled here. Due to the Turkish attacks, the civilian population had to be evacuated from the city. The Turkish state is now moving members of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) to Afrin.

Afrin is intended to belong to the administrative area of ​​Hatay in the future. Turkey wants to appoint a governor to the city. At the moment Salafist groups evacuated from Eastern Ghouta arrive in Afrin with their families. After Ost-Ghouta, resettlement from Idlib and the local refugee camp Atme is expected take place.

As the news agency Mezopotamya (MA) reports, a source that remains anonymous for security reasons in Afrin explains the situation as follows:

"IS has changed its appearance and has re-emerged as FSA. The FSA is used as ground force of Turkey. If Russia had not opened the airspace, Afrin could never have been occupied. In the city are now mainly FSA members. There are hardly any civilians. Evacuees from East Ghout are settled in the city. At the moment, there are nearly 50,000 people waiting in Idlib to be brought to Afrin. They will settle in shelters that Turkey wants to build. Currently the Red Crescent and other institutions are here. After Idlib, people from refugee camp Atme and then from refugee camps in Turkey will be resettled in Afrin. However, members of the FSA have priority. As in Azaz and other areas controlled by Turkey, a governor will be appointed."