AKP-run municipality turns districts of Van into a dump

In the districts of Tusba and Saray in Van, the AKP municipality does not collect the garbage. The people and shop keepers protested, saying that infectious diseases may occur in the near future.

Despite losing the March 2019 elections against the HDP, the AKP managed to get its hands on the municipality by replacing the HDP candidates on the grounds that they could not be elected as they were hit by the so called Statutory Decree. Tusba Municipality, run by AKP's Salih Akman, who was appointed as mayor by the Ministry of Interior, does not even collect garbage in the surrounding area.

In particular, the Yeni Marangozlar and Keresteciler Industrial Site are covered by garbage. The people of Tusba, who have recently struggled against the Covid-19 epidemic, are concerned about the spread of infectious diseases that may arise from uncollected garbage.

If no solution is found, we will take action

The residents of the region and the shopkeepers of Tusba, demanded that urgent measures be taken to prevent the spread of the typhoid epidemic. “If there is no solution to this, we will all get the bacterial disease typhoid fever. Permanent solutions should be found for the health of families living close to our industrial sites. If a solution is not found, we will take action."

Kapıköy border gate turned into a garbage dump

The Kapıköy border gate, which is under the control of the Saray Municipality, where a trustee has been appointed, has been turned into a dump.

The tradesmen, who carry out commercial activities at the border gate, where hundreds of people enter and leave every day, demanded a solution to the problem.