Alaca: Our people-centred municipality work disturbs someone

Kars Municipality co-mayor Şevin Alaca said that “clearly the people-centered and social municipal work has disturbed someone", referring to the detention of co-chair Ayhan Bilgen and party executives.

Dozens of people, including Kars Municipality co-mayor Ayhan Bilgen, were detained this morning as part of an Ankara-based investigation.

Kars Municipality co-mayor Şevin Alaca pointed out that the people-centered municipalism was targeted with these detentions.

Alaca said: “We had addressed the most important issue of this city, which is the road issue. We provide solutions and sped up our work on the roads recently. This people-centered and social municipal work clearly has disturbed someone."

Alaca added: "That is why this operation has been carried out in these days. We will be monitoring the process all together, but we have no faith in the law.”
Emphasizing that they are in charge of their duties in the municipality, Alaca said: “Myself and our deputy mayors are in charge. They can seize the will of the people on the pretext of the investigation carried out 6 years ago. We will continue to serve our people.”