Appeal for donations for mobile clinic in Dêrik

The town twinning association Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg-Dêrik supports a project of the Foundation of Free Women in Rojava/Northern Syria (WJAR) and calls for donations for a mobile clinic in Dêrik.

The town twinning association Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg - Dêrik supports a project of the foundation of free women in Rojava/Northern Syria (WJAR) with an appeal for donations. The work of the foundation, which was founded in September 2014 as an independent and non-profit organisation of Kurdish and Arab women, is based on the guiding principle: The free woman is the basis of a free society. She is committed to reducing violence against women and improving opportunities for women at all levels to actively participate in the transformation process of society. Thanks to the Foundation's work in cooperation with international partner organisations, health centres, kindergartens and the women's village of Jinwar have been set up. In addition, the situation of the women in the refugee camps was improved and educational work was carried out. All project areas are organised in two to three languages.

The foundation is currently asking for donations for a mobile clinic in Dêrik.

Originally, the mobile clinic was planned as a sustainable contribution to improving the health situation of women and children in the villages and structurally weak regions where no medical care is yet available. The villages are often far away from the city and the villagers often do not have the opportunity to come to the cities. For example, illnesses and complications during pregnancy quickly become a danger due to the lack of doctors and medical services. This is why the mobile clinic also aims to train general practitioners, nurses and midwives.

Since 9 October, Turkey has been conducting a war of invasion against Northern and Eastern Syria in violation of international law. Thus this call for donations receives an acute urgency. There are countless injured, including many women and children. More than 300,000 refugees are already on the run and need urgent medical care. A mobile clinic could go to the refugees, because otherwise they would remain without medical care.

A suitable vehicle, the conversion of the vehicle and the equipment with medical devices and materials with a total value of 65,000 euros are required for the mobile clinic. The town twinning association has set itself the goal of contributing 15,000 euros. You can contribute with your donation to fulfill this urgent wish as soon as possible.

Donation account:

Town twinning Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Dêrik e.V.

DE54 4306 0967 1225 6804 00 - BIC GENODEM1GLS, GLS bank

*Since the association is recognized as a non-profit organization, donations can be tax deducted. For a donation receipt the postal address is needed on the transfer.