Assyrian fighter laid to rest in Til Temir

Farewell to Bitrus İşo who fought against ISIS in Til Temir.

Heres Habur Assyrian Military Council fighter Bitrus İşo, who fell a martyr fighting against ISIS in Til Temir, has been laid to rest in the village of Til Shinan.

The farewell ceremony at El-Qedisa Church was attended by Syriac Union Party Co-chair Gabriyel Şemûn, Heres Habur Assyrian Military Council commanders, members of Council of Martyrs’ Families and many people.


Speaking at the farewell ceremony, Priest Otonyos El Heno said; “Martyr Bitrus did not leave the church not even a moment during the ISIS raid on the village of Til Werdiyat. He loved his honor and land as much as to die for it.”

Council of Martyrs’ Families member Baqî Kotî said; “Martyrdom is a dignified position. Our martyrs are the martyrs of freedom and honor. They fell as martyrs because they promised to preserve this honor and freedom.”

Martyr Bitrus İşo was laid to rest to the accompaniment of a military ceremony by Heres Habur Assyrian Military Council.