Campaign for burned lands of Rojava farmers

The campaign Make Rojava Green Again has launched efforts to compensate farmers whose wheat and barley fields were set on fire in Rojava and northern Syria.

Gangs who failed to eliminate the Rojava and Northern Syria revolution through military attacks have been targeting the livelihood and economy of the people. From Qamishlo to Derik, Heseke to Deir Ez Zor, Raqqa to Manbij, wide swathes of cultivated lands were set on fire starting in June.

At least 40,000 hectares of farmland has been burned down in deliberate, planned attacks. Regional officials say the fires caused around 33 million dollars of damage.

Aid efforts were launched in Europe to compensate the farmers. The Make Rojava Green Again campaign has partnered with Heyva Sor a Kurd to launch the “Reborn out of the ashes” campaign.

The Make Rojava Green Again campaign has been working for ecological cooperatives and creating new living areas in Rojava, as well as supporting reforestation efforts.

The campaign organizers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to compensate farmers in Rojava after the damage they suffered. 

The campaign aims for 10,000 euros, which will be sent to agricultural units of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North Syria.