Cemil Bayık: Everyone should claim the Heftanin Resistance

"The Turkish state wants to break the will of the Kurdish people targeting Kurdish women, youth and children. That’s why they attack women. Because women oppose fascism, occupation, oppression, slavery and represents freedom and democracy," Bayik said.

Speaking in a special program broadcast on Stêrk TV, KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık made important evaluations regarding the current political developments.

Responding to the South Kurdistan government's statements accusing the PKK for the Turkish state's invasion attacks, Bayık drew attention to the reports prepared against the PKK.

Calling on the Kurdish people to be careful against the dirty war policies of the Turkish state, Bayık said: "The Turkish state wants to break the will of the Kurdish people targeting Kurdish women, youth and children. That’s why they attack women. Because women oppose fascism, occupation, oppression, slavery and represents freedom and democracy.”

Bayık pointed out that “Kurdish youths are killed in the military. The Turkish state makes a statement saying they had a heart attack or disappeared. He kills and wraps his flag at the funeral, comes and performs a ceremony. In Serhat, the family did not accept this situation. It is necessary to stand against an enemy like this. Kurdish youth, especially Kurdish young women, should not approach Turkish officers, soldiers, police, MIT, gangs, guards, government representatives. They should not fall in love with theri executioner, they should ask their executioners to account."

In this excerpt Bayık speaks about the importance of the Heftanin Resistance and warn the people of South Kurdistan against the dirty policies of both Turkey and the KDP.

Resistance in Heftanin continues. The Turkish state's invasion attacks have been going on for over 2 months. Which stage as the resistance in Heftanin reached? How do you evaluate the situation there?

I greet the heroes who fight in Heftanin and pay my respects. The martyrs of Heftanin fell martyrs for humanity and took their place in history with their heroic resistance. Therefore, everyone should protect these martyrs by reclaiming them. They should see this epic resistance as their own resistance. There, they should see their will, future, freedom. The guerrilla is currently writing epics in Heftanin under difficult and often impossible conditions. It deals heavy blows to the enemy. It prevents the fascist Turkish state from achieving its goal. Guerrillas are sacrificing themselves, giving their life. Everyone needs to see this truth. Why I am saying this? Because the KDP every day says that 'the reason why Turkey is attacking is the PKK’. They are deceiving the Kurdish people. If the Turkish state is attacking the PKK, there is a reason. Because the PKK prevents the Kurdish people from being massacred.

Without the PKK, the Turkish state will easily be able to implement its genocide politics against the Kurdish people. It will do this not only in Bakur but in all parts of Kurdistan. The Turkish state is attacking the PKK with all its means, as it sees that the movement developed by Rêber Apo [Abdullah Ocalan], the guerrilla is countering the enemy and prevent the Kurdish genocide. Turkey also wants to deceive the public by saying 'I am not against the Kurds. Look, we have relations with the KDP and ENKS. I am against the PKK and terrorism.' In this way, Turkey wants to remove the obstacles in its way. In history, whenever the Kurds revolted, Turkey deceived people by saying that Kurds were bandits, against civilization, reactionaries are therefore must be eliminated. Turkey thinks that the Kurd is the old Kurd and the world is the old world. They believe they can go on and carry out their genocide. But this is not possible. PKK guerrilla does not allow this. That's why the KDP should give up making excuses. No one must be fooled.

We know some reports have been prepared. They want to present these reports to the parliament and do politics through them. I warn everybody from here, nobody should prepare a report against the PKK or take a step in this regard. The PKK won’t not leave Heftanin, nor would it give up its years-long struggle. PKK guerrillas will defend the Kurdish people and humanity to the their best. Because this is their historical task. Nobody can prevent this, who will fulfil this duty for the Kurdish people and the people of the region? No power would be able to do that. They should also see this resistance as their own and support it. They should see those martyrs and heroes as their own martyrs and heroes.

We follow from the press that the KDP wants to settle gangs and village guards under the pretext of defending villages. Turkey has developed it in Bakur. They will say at first they will defend villages only to take weapons to the peasants, but everyone knows that's not the point. They use all the village guards against the Kurdish people. The steps taken in Başur are also directed towards this.

What is the purpose of the KDP?

As I said, the KDP is trying to turn people into village guards, by saying ‘defend your village’. Clearly Turkey wants it. As it is known, the Turkish state said ‘build a police station’ in 1992, and pay their salaries. But Basur was giving them by his organization. Now they are running such a plan. Our people of Basur are patriotic and have paid a great price for years. They know well what Saddam and his gangs have brought against them. How will those who live all these tragedies for years be village guards today? How would they stand against the PKK and serve the occupation of the Turkish state?

The people of Basur are a patriotic and heroic people. It has paid a great price for its identity, will and culture. How will the village guard become a gang and stand against the guerrilla? This is a great heedlessness. Insisting on this leads to betrayal. That's why I warn our Basur people especially. Especially the people of Şeladizeê, Deralok and Amedîye should never be included in these plans. They shouldn't be chasing money. There may be in some economic difficulties, but this does not mean to serve the occupiers. They should not sell their dignity for money. Our people of Basur should never fulfil the wishes of some parties. They must stand against the occupation. They should stand with the guerrilla and fight against the Turkish state. They should expel the state that carried out massacres against Kurds from Basur.

Basur youth should join the guerrilla ranks. Our people should march against the occupation of the Turkish state every day. They must protect guerrilla, martyrs and resistance. Our people are rising against the Turkish state and we see that they are prevented from doing so. They say why are you protesting in Turkey. Our people, Basur women and youth should never accept this policy.