Chain poisoning kills four more school kids in Iran

Four school kids have been killed by a toxic gas attack in Iran.

Hundreds of students have been poisoned in a suspicious manner by the successive chemical gas attacks that started in the cities of Iran and Rojhilat (Iranian) Kurdistan since November 30. The attacks mostly targeted girls’ schools in 33 cities of the country.

As there is no reliable information about who carried out the attacks and the chemicals used, it is reported that at least a thousand students have been poisoned in the attacks. Most recently, a new chemical attack killed 4 more children, including a student named Karin Alamdari.


The people of Mahabad have reacted to the increasing cases of poisoning in schools recently. Protestors set up barricades and made bonfires, calling for more support for the demonstrations.

After students at Saba Girls' School in the Gogtepe district of Mahabad were poisoned, many schools decided to finish classes an hour earlier than usual.