Clashes intensify in Idlib ahead of the great operation

Russian air force has suspended attacks in Idlib for a few days but the Syrian army has conducted operations on several locations ahead of the great operation.

As preparations continue for the expected operation for Idlib, the Turkish state seeks to protect its mercenaries and their presence in the region. Following the summit held between Russia, Iran and Turkey on September 7, eyes are now on when the operation for Idlib will begin. In the meantime, the Turkish army has made reinforcement at its military points in Idlib region.

Russian warplanes seem to have interrupted their bombardments for the last three days. Neither Russian nor Syrian aircraft carried out strikes on Thursday in the Idlib region which is under the occupation of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group, made up of mainly Al-Nusra.

Notwithstanding, the Syrian regime continues its artillery attacks on the region. On Thursday, the Syrian army launched a violent aggression on land, targeting the positions of the mercenaries between Hama and Idlib.

General Suheyl Al-Hasan led operations against several settlements held by the mercenaries to the south of Idlib.

Some experts describe these attacks and “preliminary operations before the great aggression”. Both sides suffered casualties during the clashes. Emu Omar Al-Dimaski, a leader of the mercenaries, was killed in the village of Lataminah North of Hama.

On the other hand, western governments and the UN are trying to prevent the operation, warning that a major humanitarian disaster could take place.

A top official from the UN argued that Idlib could be the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century. According to the UN, around 28,500 people have fled from Idlib because of bombardments since early September.