Commemoration for German HPG guerrilla in Potsdam tomorrow

"For life and freedom, in memory of Michael".

HPG Press Office announced in a written statement on August 26 that German guerrilla Michael Panser (Bager Nujiyan) had fallen a martyr in an airstrike by the invading Turkish army on December 14, 2018 in Medya Defense Zones, Southern Kurdistan.

The German guerrilla, who joined the PKK in 2017 for the fight for freedom by the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East, will be commemorated in his hometown Potsdam with a march and rally tomorrow.

Promoted by Panser’s friends, the march in Potsdam will start from Treffpunkt Freizei, Am Neuen Garten 64 at 17:00 Saturday afternoon. The march, which end near the Brandenburg State Parliament, will be followed by a rally.

In a statement, Panser’s friends said; “We must keep the story of Michael who fought for a free world and Kurdistan alive. For this reason, everyone should join the march and reclaim the memory of Michael.”