Commemoration for Kurdish revolutionary Mehmet Aksoy in London

Mehmet Aksoy fell a martyr in Raqqa in 2017.

Kurdish revolutionary, journalist and director Mehmet Aksoy (Firaz Dağ) who fell a martyr in an attack carried out by ISIS on 26 September 2017, has been remembered by his grave at London High Gate Cemetery on Saturday.

Mehmet Aksoy’s mother Zeynep Aksoy, his siblings, members of the Kurdish Popular Assembly and Kurdish Women’s Initiative as well as representatives of mass organizations attended the commemoration which witnessed emotional moments.

Soeakers highlighted the struggle of Mehmet Aksoy who made great contributions to the Kurdish Freedom Struggle and the fight for a free future for the peoples of the Middle East.

Speaking here, British Kurdish Popular Assembly co-chair Ercan Akbal said the following: “We all know Mehmet very well. He left us a great legacy and hope. He never remained insensitive to the war and the conflicts in Kurdistan, so much so that he was not satisfied by his works here and engaged in a greater war and headed to Kurdistan. He made great efforts to make sure that the atrocities there are heard by the whole world. He didn’t abstain from any sacrifice while conducting this work. He fell a martyr while in search of reality. We remember Mehmet with respect again and promise to reclaim his ideals.”


On the other hand, Kurdish Community Center has opened the “Firaz Dağ Education Support School” which includes English diction, mathematics and Kurdish Children’s Choir. During the opening which began with a minute’s silence, speakers stressed that Mehmet Aksoy enlightened the path of Kurdish children and youth.”

Following the opening, the first class took place in the school.